Mobile Yet Immobile Series

What counts as philosophy’s Being and Becoming or physic’s Movement and Rest, might be compared with architecture’s Mobile and Immobile. They are two of its most inner conceptions forming one of its major devices. They are a pair of opposites, a bi-functional entity producing energy and negotiating between its poles – architectural objects are charged with both of them, each in its very own way.

Lecture at Sophistication Conference #2: In »Lieu« of Statements, »Articulation«, 2018

The ‘Mobile Yet Immobile Series’ is a sequenced research constituting the core of Daedalus Observatory’s activities:
Lecture and Excercise
W17 - Finished


On the Mobile
Course: ende
Design Studio 
S18 - Finished


Mobile Statues
Course: ende
Lecture and Excercise
W18 - Current


On the Immobile
Course: en / de
The investigation seeks to approach both horizons – to observe and to speculate extensively on a present Mobile and Immobile character, separately yet inevitably entangled.

This is our second Volume (Vienna, June 2018):

Co-Lecturer: Prof. Vera Bühlmann
Tutor: Patrick Aprent

Students: Maximilian Aelfers, Sorana Chiris, Felix Dauer, Despoina Grigoriadou, Ada Gulyamdzhis, Gerald Klammer, Julian Lietzmann, Martha Luise Pilz & Marie Schamböck.

This is our first Volume (Vienna, January 2018):

Tutor: Patrick Aprent

Students: Ludovica Battista, Nima Behzadafshar, Nikola Chytil, Alexandra Curti, Benedetta de Fernex, Zdravka Dzajic, Fabijan Farkas, Adam Gajdos, Martin Gajdos, Aleksandra Gajic, Aude Hacker, Elisabeth Maria Horodynski, Hrvoje Hrkac, Emre Kacar, Lucia Kamleitner, Merve Kara, Lovro Koncar-Gamulin, Domagoj Krhen, Julian Lietzmann, Marko Marisavljevic, Isabel Mayr, Branislav Miljus, Jovana Milojevic, Ayse Özsoy, Pinar Pakfiliz, Martha Luise Pilz, Anna Prüller, Petra Rohringer, Merima Sadzak, Nikola Tasev, Elveda Tasyürek, Marija Tomicic, Daniel Wegerer, Anne Wunderlich, Neda Zabihino & Zdravko Zivanovic.